Streaming Bliss

Obviously, “Streaming” in this context has nothing to do with streams or rivers, but it can be a relaxing and  fun activity for the whole family.

Over the years I’ve employed a number of devices to fill the need for accessing streaming media services. This has included laptops, desktops, BD players, DVRs, and smart TVs. At no point have any of these options been reliable or pleasant to use. Annoyed by things like the lack of good remote control, bad user interfaces, slow or non-existent firmware release cycles, narrow service compatibility, and generally bad performance including: slow menus, slow video startup and spontaneous reboots… I recently decided it was time to try something new.

After a quick internet search and reading a few reviews. I headed out to the nearest big-box store to pick up a ROKU player.

Roku 2At the moment I felt that the gaming features weren’t needed so I went with the Roku 2.

Out of the box and up and running was pretty quick and easy. You will spend the most time, a few minutes, on the Roku website setting up your account credentials and payment information. Moments later, my Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts were linked and we were watching Game Of Thrones!

So far the diminutive black box has been an absolute pleasure. Between the simple remote, great on-screen interface, broad service compatibility, and snappy performance… I think we have finally found Streaming Bliss!

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